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At Mallzee we let you understand what people really think about your products and help you increase profits, all whilst promoting you to a shopping community of hundreds of thousands

The App

Mallzee started as a Tinder style shopping app to help consumers find clothes quickly on mobile.

In the last 3 years we’ve grown to be the biggest multi retailer shopping app in the UK with nearly 1m users. Consumers love our simple approach to browsing and now swipe tens of millions of products every month.
 As we developed this great community we started using this swipe data ourselves to improve our business and it worked! Now we’re opening up this data source to our partners to help improve their marketing, merchandising and buying - all whilst showcasing their products and brand hundreds of thousands of times each month.

Know what’s really happening with your products

Our unique Product Intelligence dashboard enables you to understand how a product is really performing. Split by demographic data you’re able to ensure you promote the right product, at the right price to the right shopper.

Using this approach you’re able to optimise your marketing and merchandising efforts quickly and strategically to really understand and connect with your customers.

Know what’s next - get rapid feedback on your next collection

Stock is your biggest expense and your biggest risk! Buying the wrong product can end up costing thousands, whilst not having enough cover of the right product can mean you leave your competitors to clean up. With Product Future you’re able to test new designs on real customers quickly, easily and a price that suits all budgets to ensure you have the correct stock, every season.

“Working with Mallzee is an absolute pleasure! Having partnered with them since the start, we’ve really been able to see their business grow as well as ours. Their team is incredibly helpful and always prepared to offer new and innovative ideas to reach targets, which keeps us coming back for more! If you’re seeking a fun, data-filled, way to develop your business, Mallzee is the place to be.”Julianne, Sarenza

Just Marketing

PPS and Sponsored Feeds

Whilst we’re generating Product Intelligence to drive real value for your business we’re also showcasing your products and brand hundreds of thousands of times every month to some of the most engaged shoppers around.

Not a fashion brand? No worries some of the biggest brands around sponsor content in our shopping app to get in front of a highly valuable and engaged audience.

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Some Nice Numbers

Some of the numbers our partners see from working with Mallzee across our suite of products


Value of Products ‘liked’
 in 2016


Products ratings this quarter


ROI for our best performing partner


Average ROI for partners


Partners helped in 2016

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